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1 day ago by Cait

6474051440 (1 reported)

calling an overseas (Netherlands) number

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8 days ago by Emma

7056227984 (1 reported)

This phone number won\'t stop calling and leaving voicemails. Every time I listen to it, theres nobody speeking. Just hard breathing. But when I try to delete it, it doesn\'t let me. This is getting very freaky.

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9 days ago by Ted

6135390307 (1 reported)

Just got a text from this number \"Received: AGENCY REVENUE CA has send you 96,88$\" with a shortened link at the end which needless to say I did not click. CRA scam.

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12 days ago by P

6477155838 (1 reported)

Got this call today marked as dangerous on other sites with no details.

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13 days ago by bobbie

5149424683 (1 reported)

fake news

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25 days ago by

6474931158 (1 reported)

Feels like a person stalking me, when they text from this number.

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1 month ago by Anon

6045245481 (3 reported)

Charity solicitor. Calls during dinner.

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1 month ago by scott

4378881241 (1 reported)

scam caller

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1 month ago by echoone

7783586667 (1 reported)

Again a Gouv alert... again...

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1 month ago by neighbourhood

6043363303 (7 reported)

i\'m hoping God could give me a cool hand that the family and another family would have a relative marriage, one at 3066 first floor family and one at 3245 family would be a relative marriage for both family\'s daughter and son. Hoping that the son and daughter would be friends at first. if things go smooth, marriage would arrive on them. they are in the age of marriage. its the time for the 2 to have a new start of their life . i wish them they have a happy story if things really go smooooooth on them. i;m also praying for God\'s help that they would have a meet face to face with talking to each other in these months, oct, nov and before this year ends. Good luck on them, Thanks God

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1 month ago by Vancouverguy

5145529913 (2 reported)

Received a call just now and got connected to the automatic voice machine saying you have been under the CRA investigation for the fraud and you and your family are under investigation....blah blah blah. I hung up the phone immediately and blocked the number.

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1 month ago by Anne-Marie

5145529913 (1 reported)

Scam - bill collector for CRA.

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1 month ago by Sandrine

4384984679 (1 reported)


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1 month ago by Gracie

7093513958 (1 reported)

Phishing scam coming from this number looking for banking info to send a supposed INTERAC E transfer

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1 month ago by Anonymous

7787652686 (1 reported)

Prank caller

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1 month ago by coolcat

8194483782 (1 reported)

dont trust this number, it try to steal id account from you triing to give you an interact transfert.

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2 months ago by Karen

5148806387 (1 reported)

Rec\'d 3 texts saying my account has been credited x amount of money....????

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2 months ago by Sherry Shine

6044274488 (1 reported)

red flag for the guy who has this number.

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2 months ago by neighbourhood

6043363303 (6 reported)

we are all hoping that a couple to be real in this year they both live in same area for their living 3066 e23rd ave vancouver bc v51rb6 lower level is engaged with 3245 e23rd ave vancouver bc v5r1b6 upper level we are hoping things would be true. they are still strangers and wish them to be friends in this year get married next few years got kids asap!!!!!!!!!!!! !HELP THEM

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2 months ago by Sexual Predator on the Loose!

6138620357 (2 reported)

Sexual predator of minors is at this number. James McAllister. [email protected] send out nude selfies to minors! Drives a blues Chevy Cruze License plate # BYKW163. Works in Ottawa, On for Cord 3 Innovation at 900 Morrison Street, Nepean, On. He admitted molesting his stepdaughter he is a 60 year old pedophile. Here is his pic and more info

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