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2 days ago by John

6479459550 (1 reported)

East Indian accent; CRA scam threatening \'all this will fall onto you\' if call to auditing is ignored.

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2 days ago by Diana

8193830803 (1 reported)

I received 2 texts from this number!

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2 days ago by Dee

6133089512 (1 reported)

This was one of those horrid CRA scam caller/messages. Said that an arrest warrant was in my name and I had to call a number to stop legal proceedings

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3 days ago by Bob

6138611853 (1 reported)

Who called me?

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3 days ago by Wayne

6136981286 (1 reported)

Crooks. Obviously a scammer. Using a cell phone number as a business number, offering low interest rates loans, which would eventually require giving personal information to these scammers, is a HUGE RED FLAG.

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6 days ago by Steve

6474667592 (1 reported)

Catfishing online prowler. Lies about everthing. Probably has an std.

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10 days ago by Sam

7803942959 (1 reported)

This jerk keeps texting me saying that my bank account is disabled (even though I don\'t have an account with that bank). He\'s just another scammer so be careful when dealing with this person!

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15 days ago by Angie

2049836363 (4 reported)

They called me many times, I answered and they claiming they\'re the CRA asking to send them some information, they said my name and my company\'s name. They gave me these numbers to call back 18667860061, 18007241128 Scammers as well. Please don\'t trust these people, be careful.

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16 days ago by Barrie citizen

5068027510 (6 reported)

Recording left \"urgent matter press any key\"

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20 days ago by Daryl

9029066018 (1 reported)

telemarketer calling on behalf of firefighters curling? Hung up as soon as I stated I used to be a firefighter. Sounds like a scam to me.

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22 days ago by Sean corrigan

6132970089 (1 reported)

Woman\'s name is Josee and she screwed her first cousin

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28 days ago by

5147899163 (1 reported)

Beware of scammers, they want you to take your money with false allegation and they press to meet you

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1 month ago by Mark

5195729806 (1 reported)


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1 month ago by Louise

6476381342 (1 reported)

Caller claimed to be my son in jail and needed bail money. When I asked his birthdate he began swearing. Be very careful this is a scam call. He gave this number as his lawyer, Scott Nelson, 647-638-1342

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1 month ago by Ann

6138499086 (1 reported)


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1 month ago by Poop

2506132186 (1 reported)

It puts the lotion on it\'s skin or it gets the hose again

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2 months ago by Philip

5146074742 (1 reported)

Mark bruneau number

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2 months ago by M

5144415576 (1 reported)


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2 months ago by bob

6133019407 (1 reported)

it is a scam

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2 months ago by Marie

5144750961 (1 reported)


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